Travis’s Happy Place

I pulled Travis out of school a little early yesterday to get in a doctor’s appt. before Mark’s insurance runs out. T’s had a wart on the bottom of his foot, probably courtesy of swim team this summer, and it’s started to bother him. We happened to get an appt. with Dr. Bodenstine, T’s regular doctor, who I really, really love. Dr. Bo really “gets” Travis and they have good scientific Q&A sessions with each appt.

Dr. Bo decided to freeze the spot on T’s foot. He was really good about explaining the whole process and really engaged T. He was clear that it would feel very strange/hurt but that it would feel better soon. About halfway through the dabbing process, Travis started to get uncomfortable. Dr. Bo suggested he go to his “happy place.” This distracted Travis enough to start talking about where his happy place might be. Before T jumped in with his own suggestion, I was going to guide him towards kayaking on our trip. But once Travis understood what Dr. Bo meant by “happy place,” Travis immediately announced, “I’m going to the Lego store!” I should have seen that one coming!

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